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I have had my own website on the Internet for a few years. I have written there about the evolution theory and many other subjects. I have tried to demonstrate that the evolution theory has enormous defects and to show that a much more sensible approach is the creation view.

   Concerning this subject, I have collided into a wall. It is very difficult to sway the views of others, and their opinions do not change very easily. You, too, would easily fail in the attempt.

   Formerly I thought that if you try to bring out the facts as logically and convincingly as possible, people can be won. But now I understand that it isn’t that simple. This is not possible. Instead, the conversation ends when an evolutionist armed with an arrogant smile states the magical word “fundamentalist.” So the person who believes in creation goes away depressed. This is what usually happens.

   When one speaks about defects and weaknesses of the evolution theory, one enters into an almost useless and hopeless activity. If you speak about problems in the birth of life or point out that the intermediate forms are missing, you will soon see that it will not lead anywhere, because the reply is always: “The evolution theory is true, the evolution theory is true, the evolution theory is true, and it is not worthwhile doubting it.” It happens generally like this, no matter what the facts and the observations of practice are. Weaknesses in the evolution theory can indeed be admitted, but not that the whole theory is false. The evolutionists are not ready to abandon the theory. As a former evolution believer I understand such a view, because I too believed in the evolution theory even though I did not know about its weaknesses. I understand that 99 percent of people are in the same situation; they do believe in the theory, even though they do not know much about research material concerning it.


The outlook on life guides us. As to the evolution theory and creation, it is important to emphasize that they both are beliefs connected to the past, which cannot be proved properly. It is impossible. Instead, we can only draw conclusions on grounds of the information we get from fossils and other material. They give some kind of picture about what the past was like. I myself am convinced that this material fits much better into the creation model than the evolution theory of Darwin.

   Both views rely upon on faith -- we believe either in creation or in evolution. The evolution theory is not scientific either; it is a belief based on the past such as faith in God’s being behind everything. Both of them are quite similar outlooks; in both faith plays a great part, and in both the past is thought to have taken place according to a certain model. It is impossible to refute these viewpoints.

   Furthermore, the same outlooks on life guide us and our thinking. Through them everyone filters things. So, if we already believe in creation, we usually do not accept contradictory material. Or if someone believes in the evolution theory, he neither wants to accept different material nor is he interested in it. He generally rejects it straightaway.


The change in the society. I think that the evolution theory is not any separate matter, but it is connected to the development that takes place in society. It is remarkable that for the largest part our forefathers did not believe in this kind of theory, but they believed in creation. Furthermore, the society of that time regarded as wrong such behavior as the relations outside the marriage, abortion and homosexuality. The sexual revolution, in the wake of which these matters became known, is after all quite a new attitude. It is only some decades old. The amount of sexual activity has not increased over former levels, but only the kind of activities that our forefathers would have regarded as wrong. I think that all these points are connected with each other and are a sign of the development taken place in the society.

   I think, too, that the blessing will go away from such a society that calls evil good and good evil. The question is not that we shouldn’t love our neighbours or those who think in another way, but that we make darkness into light and light into darkness. I myself am worried that such society will not have the future.


Jari Iivanainen  







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