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Chapter 7 -

The connection with Freemasonry





The temple service of Mormons has been discussed in the previous chapters, that is eternal marriage and baptisms for the dead.

   The temple service of the Mormons is also in connection with Freemasonry, however. Joseph Smith himself was a high-grade Freemason and almost the whole Mormon church was a part of this organization. The foundation of the Mormon church is thus very deep in the occult Freemason organization.

  Next, we are going to list issues in which the connection between Freemasonry and the Mormon Church can be seen. It has been estimated that there are almost thirty issues in which these connections appear, but the following things are the most common ones:


- There are secret ceremonies carried out in secret temples in both of the movements.


- The temple ceremonies of the Mormons were initially carried out in Freemasons’ buildings.


- Oats. Mormons and Freemasons take various oaths. In the past, the wording of these oaths was almost identical. In addition, there is a gesture made with the thumb that is used by both of the movements; it resembles the cutting of a throat. Its purpose is to promise not to reveal secrets to anybody at the risk of losing one’s own life.


- Secret handshakes.


- In both systems, people are given a new secret name.


- Both Mormons and Freemasons wear an apron during their ceremonies.


- Mormons have a certain undergarment that has the distinctive symbols of Freemasonry.











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