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As far as the Mormons, in other words representatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are concerned, they can also be seen in Finland from time to time. They are usually young American men who are dressed neatly, behave well, and visit homes. Furthermore, when visiting, the most important subjects of conversation to them are normally the Book of Mormon and the life of prophet Joseph Smith. They usually bring these views forth as the first and most important when talking to people. These issues cannot be overlooked when discussing the issues that Mormons consider as the most important.

   But what should we think about the teachings of the Mormons and do they generally deviate from the common Christian doctrine? Are the teachings in line with the doctrine of the Bible in any way or are they completely different? We are going to make an effort to try to study and clarify the following issues below, for example. If you are a Mormon, it is worth your while to study these issues in detail.



Chapter 1 - The book of Mormon

Chapter 2 - The Pearl of Great Price

Chapter 3 - The priesthood of Aaron and Melchizedek
Chapter 4 - Polygamy

Chapter 5 - Heavenly marriage

Chapter 6 - Baptism for the dead

Chapter 7 - The connection with Freemasonry

Chapter 8 - The view on God

Chapter 9 - Was Joseph Smith the prophet of God?

Chapter 10 - What do you have to do? /References












Jari Iivanainen



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