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Below, we examine the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, so that its members might find the grace of God. The fact is that there are many Roman Catholics who do not yet know Christ. Many of them may, indeed, be quite religious, but they have not yet received Christ into their lives. These people may also regard the Roman Catholic Church as being, "the only right church", or may think that there is no salvation except that inside the Roman Catholic Church, but they still do not understand how they can be saved.
   The problem with the Catholic Church is that its rituals and doctrines do not lead people toward knowing the grace and salvation in Christ. Instead, they lead to something else. Over the centuries, this church has been more and more affected by heresies, and nowadays many people are led rather badly astray. Among other examples of errant teachings are Mary, the merits of the saints, compensation acts, sacraments, and purgatory.
   We will examine the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church so that everyone might get in connection with God. Our goal is that people find personal salvation and the grace of God in Jesus Christ. You, the reader, may not hold the same opinion, or think about everything in the same way we do. The most important thing for you is to receive the eternal life given to us by God.



Chapter 1 - The status of Mary
Chapter 2 - Mass and Holy Communion
Chapter 3 - Papacy and priesthood
Chapter 4 - Purgatory
Chapter 5 - How can we be saved?
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Jari Iivanainen



Link: Deception of Roman Catholic Church



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