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Are you a foolish virgin?
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Deception number one
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Satan's worshipping

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Has there been an ice age?
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Abortion is a criminal act
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People who reject God
The best gift for you!

What you sow you reap!
Why grace is rejected?
Probability calculations
Who will get to heaven
The gap between man and God has been removed
Do not go to damnation
Prejudices against the Bible
Route retrieval
Wikipedia Internet and the  Bible
Porn sex dogging eternity
Tolerance and society

Magic word
The judgement is coming
A letter to mr. X
A modern loving person
Is the judgement of society nigh?
Homosexuality church and society
How to react to phenomena
Impact of the Bible on economy
Finances and the Bible
Changes in society
Can famine and poverty be eliminated?


The Messiah, prophesies and the Talmud
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God's peace to you!

As you will notice, my home page contains my writings from many different areas. In these writings I have tried to bring into view issues which according to my understanding and comprehension of God's word, I consider important. I cannot say that I am totally satisfied with all my writings, but at least I have tried my best. In addition, many of the texts are the result of extensive research and prayer over many years - so much time and work has gone into them. In fact, most of my free time during the last years has been devoted to these writings.

However, my main purpose has been that people could be saved and helped. My aim has been that people could turn to Christ and be saved, developing a safe and trustful relationship with God. I hope, that I have succeeded even a little.

What comes to the level of the writings, don't let it confuse you! I have also pained myself with the fact that many of the issues brought up could have been written in a much nicer and pleasing way, but unfortunately this is the best I have been able to do. However, I do hope that you can disregard these pitfalls and concentrate on the main message which I have tried to put forward. Above all, I hope that God will bless you with the gift of eternal life.


Jari Iivanainen