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Science in delusion - society after it?

Are you saved? Are you in faith?

Who is saved?

When human rights disappear

Communists, Nazis and modern value liberals

This would save society money

Brief history of the earth and life

When did the dinosaurs live?

How does the eye see?

Fictional history - millions of years

Is the earth old or young?

Idea of millions years

How old is it?


Creation or evolution?


Science in delusion - society after it?

Darwin in the media

False perceptions

Looking into creation

Theistic evolution under inspection
Conditions for life

Questions about science

Why the evolution of man is not true?
How did everything begin?
Is evolution theory true?

Faith and science


Biblical history


The Bible and history

The early stages of mankind
The Flood
Has there been an ice age?
Can we trust criticism against the Bible?

"The Bible is not historically reliable"
War of the Jews and biblical history

Apocrypha of the Old testament

Evidence for the resurrection of Jesus
Rewriting history
Is Christianity telling the truth?
Whose words?


Defending faith


Six major lies

A letter to freethinkers

Freethinking under analysis

An open letter to Skepsis ry

Proof that God exists

Dawkins and the God delusion
Prejudices against the Bible
Why grace is rejected?

Probability calculations
People who reject God




Shortcomings of atheism

Scientific view of the world

World of science under microscope

I used to be a science believer

Worldviews in comparison

Magic word

How are journalists deceived?

Media and God





"God doesn't exist"

"There is no intelligent design"

"Nothing can be known about God"

Proof that God exists

The deity of Jesus

Is God good or bad?

Imaginary god

Creator, judge, savior

The "Jesus only" doctrine

New Age and orientals religions


Satan's worshipping

What is God like?

Are there many ways to God?
What are UFO's?
What is the power affecting you?
Alternative medicine
Mother Amma and God

Wicca and witchcraft

After death


Near-death experiences
The judgement is coming
Who will get to heaven?
What you sow you reap!

What comes after death? Three general views


A call to salvation


Who is saved?

How can you be saved?
A letter to mr. X
Do not go to damnation!

The best gift for you!

Salvation and assurance of salvation


Find assurance of salvation

The gap between man and God has been removed





Are you saved? Are you in faith?

Theoretical belief

Are you a foolish virgin?

Religiousness or faith?

About salvation

Jesus and the catholics


Teachings on basic issues


Water baptism
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Be renewed in prayer!

The Ten Commandments under analysis


Change and freeding


Sin, temptation, sanctification

Be freed from your past!

Deliverance from bondage

The truth shall make you free


Mental health and belief



The question of guidance

How do find a suitable partner?



Faith in God or faith in people?

Church leaders and God

Misled priests

Deception number one
Weaknesses of the church
ABC of missionary work
How to react to phenomena

Disbelieving theologian
Women and spiritual work

Gifts studied

A message to a church employee

Ordinary life


Marriage advice
Divorce and remarriage

Help in raising children

Food and health




Sexuality under analysis

Porn sex dogging eternity
Sex addiction




Gender neutrality, homosexuality


Gender-neutral marriage

Sexuality, love, equality

Letter to the Sexpo Foundation

Be freed from homosexuality
Homosexuality church and society
Letter to Seta-organization

Letters to the editor


Ethical issues


When human rights disappear

Communists, Nazis and modern value liberals

Justice or the defense of injustice?

Abortion is a criminal act

Euthanasia and signs of the times

What does the Bible say about hate speech?

Ethical questions under analysis

Society; worldviews


School education and freethinkers' beliefs

The book and society

Christian faith and human rights

Satan in society

What replaces the Christian faith?

Towards evil

Political guidelines

Children and society

Changes in society

Society; economy


This would save society money

Economic recession

Economy under analysis

Can famine and poverty be eliminated?

Impact of the Bible on economy
Finances and the Bible

The future


The Last Days

Modern generation

When is the rapture?

Is the judgement of society nigh?




Islam and Jesus

Is the Koran reliable?

Muhammad's revelations and life

Idolatry in Islam and In Mecca

Christ in Islam
The Messiah, prophesies and the Talmud

Jehovah's witnesses



Justice and the Palestinians

Israel and opinions

Israel and the media

Middle East crisis

Israel friendship in review



Route search



God's peace to you!

As you will notice, my home page contains my writings from many different areas. In these writings I have tried to bring into view issues which according to my understanding and comprehension of God's word, I consider important. I cannot say that I am totally satisfied with all my writings, but at least I have tried my best. In addition, many of the texts are the result of extensive research and prayer over many years - so much time and work has gone into them. In fact, most of my free time during the last years has been devoted to these writings.

However, my main purpose has been that people could be saved and helped. My aim has been that people could turn to Christ and be saved, developing a safe and trustful relationship with God. I hope, that I have succeeded even a little.

What comes to the level of the writings, don't let it confuse you! I have also pained myself with the fact that many of the issues brought up could have been written in a much nicer and pleasing way, but unfortunately this is the best I have been able to do. However, I do hope that you can disregard these pitfalls and concentrate on the main message which I have tried to put forward. Above all, I hope that God will bless you with the gift of eternal life.


Jari Iivanainen