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If we were to mention the biggest reason why people do not believe in God and creation, it is probably the theory of evolution the issue that became well-known through the deeds of Charles Darwin in the 19th century. His theory is based on the viewpoint that present organisms were not created by God, but that they evolved from simpler forms of life over a long period of time. All present life forms animals and plants -- arose through evolutionary events. Factors such as natural selection and mutations supposedly caused changes in species.

However, it is important to note that the main factor in evolutionist thinking is time: millions and billions of years. It is supposed that the universe and the Earth are billions of years old, and that the old Earth automatically proves the theory of evolution right. This is supposed, even though it has been impossible to prove the spontaneous birth of life, and even though intermediate forms are still missing between the most important groups. One can try to solve the problems appearing in the theory of evolution simply by crediting time for making all things possible: over the course of millions of years, anything can happen.

   One can compare this to a fairytale: a girl kisses a frog and the frog suddenly changes into a prince. This is deemed a mere fairy tale. However, the same fairy tale can become fact if allowed enough time, i.e., 300 million years. Some scientists believe that is how long it took for a frog to change into a man. Time makes all things possible, even if they go against practical observations.

In any case, in this section we are going to study the age of the Earth and the universe. Are they on such a firm foundation, after all? Our goal is to clarify whether or not they are as old as supposed. We start the study from the space near us.



CHAPTER 1 - Marks in space

CHAPTER 2 - Man's appearance on the Earth

CHAPTER 3 - Why radioactive measurements are unreliable?

CHAPTER 4 - Marks on the Earth

CHAPTER 5 - The geological time chart is wrong

CHAPTER 6 - The strata have been formed quickly

CHAPTER 7 - Why the leading fossil method is wrong?

CHAPTER 8 - Evolution or ecological compartments?

CHAPTER 9 - When did the dinosaurs live?





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