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Raising children is a task for which there is often no decent training available, so many people are not prepared. People may study all kinds of other, less important, subjects for many years, but for childrearing as for marriage they can be quite unprepared and not understand how they should behave.

Next we will consider the different aspects of raising children and explore ways in which everyone might become a better parent. We will examine especially the conduct and actions that are wrong. Many of these harmful actions have become so deeply rooted in us that we do not even realize what we are doing. We do not recognize our own actions, so we repeat them because we do not know what else to do.

In the next chapters we try to find a way to free ourselves from these wrong behaviors and to find practical ways in which a parent can show his/her approval of his children and to direct them toward the right kind of behavior. To some people, these issues might already be familiar; some people may be excellent educators, but most parents probably need to know better ways to raise their children. We try to examine some of these methods below.



Chapter 1 - Show approval!

Chapter 2 - If there are behavior problems

Chapter 3 - Children's relationship with God REFERENCES / SOURCES








Jari Iivanainen

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