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When we are looking for healing, we can easily drift to areas which are not in God's plan for us. Many methods of alternative medicine can actually be occultism and the powers of the devil. If used, they might lead people to deal with evil spirits and become spiritually bound.

   Of course, this does not apply to all alternative medicine, but often there is reason to doubt it, especially if there does not seem to be any scientific or reasonable explanation for the method used. People may have become spiritually bound without knowing it. This is revealed at the latest when a person tries to turn to God. He might feel like being against a wall, and might experience strong spiritual battles. These are usual for people who are burdened by occultism and want to get rid of it.

   We are going to study this difficult and arguable issue below. We will try to deal, for example, with the mechanisms effecting some methods and what have been found out about them. If you work in this area or are interested in it, you should read the lines below.


Chapter 1 - Spiritual healing
Chapter 2 - Energy healing

Chapter 3 - How scientific is spiritual healing?
Chapter 4 - If healing takes place





Jari Iivanainen



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