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Have you struggled with the question of finding the God of grace and getting assurance of your salvation? You are certainly not the only one; many others have gone through the same process. In fact, you are not in bad company at all – the renowned reformer Martin Luther also wrestled with God like Jacob before finding God’s grace through faith. As a result, he wrote a commentary to the Galatians, dealing with these issues.

   The question of finding assurance of our salvation also arises during pastoral counseling. Mauri Viksten (a Finnish preacher), among others, has written about it. He writes about the importance of correctly understanding what it means to be righteous through faith:


People working in pastoral care know what a large role a poor understanding of righteousness has in depression and its development. The one who lives by "Christ – our righteousness" carries his burdens in a completely different way.

   The first thing is being accepted, in other words, being continuously renewed by the understanding of God accepting us just as we are, because of Christ. I have tried to emphasize the importance of this matter, being fully aware that a weak understanding of righteousness through faith is one of the main difficulties, especially amongst Finnish Christians seeking help in pastoral care. (1)



CHAPTER 1 - Which issues are connected with legalism?
CHAPTER 2 - How to enter into the understanding of righteousness through faith and grace of God?
CHAPTER 3 - What is behind legalism?

CHAPTER 4 - What is the result of understanding righteousness through faith and grace of God?











Jari Iivanainen



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