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Regarding the beginning of the universe, the Bible very clearly teaches that God created the universe. It appears in the first verse of Genesis. The same subject appears repeatedly later in the Bible:


- (Gen 1:1) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


Many people do not think the same nowadays. They do not take the message of the Bible seriously. Instead, they think that everything started by itself. They believe in the “big bang” theory, and that galaxies, stars and the solar system came into being without God’s involvement. They also believe that life was born spontaneously without any supernatural factors influencing it.

   But how reliable and scientific are these thoughts, and is it sensible to trust that everything came into being by itself? How realistic are such thoughts? We are going to examine this topic next.





Chapter 1 - The beginning of the universe

CHAPTER 2 - Was there a Big Bang?

CHAPTER 3 - The birth of galaxies and stars

CHAPTER 4 - The birth of the solar system and Earth

CHAPTER 5 - The birth of life




Jari Iivanainen

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