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IS THE theory of evolution TRUE?






It is difficult for people these days to believe what the Bible teaches about the Creation. They may deem the Biblical description of creation wrong and old-fashioned, while their view of the universe and all living things coming into existence by accident seems more correct. Hence, some people believe that the theory of evolution in which everything evolved by itself is correct. This theory was proposed by Charles Darwin in On the Origin of Species (1859).

Is it possible, however, that there are faults in this theory? Is it possible that it is not true, but false? The supporters of this theory certainly deny this possibility, but it should be noted that weaknesses and inconsistencies in the theory can be found even in their own writings. These have been discussed, but the possibility of the doctrine's whole foundation being wrong and untenable has never been brought out. It has generally been denied. This is why we will now study this subject, which everyone should learn about.



Chapter 1 - Do fossils prove evolution?

Chapter 2 - The most convincing evidence supporting the theory of evolution

Chapter 3 - The most important factors in evolution

Chapter 4 - Gaps in the theory of evolution

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     Jari Iivanainen








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