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Do you struggle with guidance? Have you wondered how to act in different situations or how to tell the difference between Godís guidance and the wrong kind of guidance, or whether you can even tell them apart?

   We are going to deal with this difficult subject on the next pages. We will look at the most common problems associated with guidance, such as the role of the word of God, prophesies, voices, dreams, and other important influences. We will try to introduce some of the areas in which people can easily make mistakes. However, it is true that mistakes made in these areas are often the best teachers. It is unfortunate that we must learn many things through mistakes.

   However, our main emphasis will be placed on learning how to recognize guidance that comes from the wrong sources (demons), and how demonic guidance differs from Godís guidance. This is important because there is always the danger of being mislead if we do not know the characteristics of Godís guidance and how He usually acts. Jessie Penn-Lewis and Evan Roberts tell in their book War on the Saints what happened in the lives of many people when demon powers ended a large revival in Wales through their attacks. They tell how demons penetrated this revival through people who sincerely wanted to know God and opened their hearts to the guidance of the Spirit, but did not really know the characteristics of Godís guidance. They did not know how God wants to lead people and how people might come under the influence of the wrong guidance. We will, therefore, especially concentrate on this so that we can distinguish the right guidance from the wrong.





Chapter 1 - Different sides to guidance

Chapter 2 - The prophesies

Chapter 3 - Test all voices and messages!

Chapter 4 - Don't be passive!

Chapter 5 - No guiding spirits!

Chapter 6 - The wrong sources
Chapter 7 - The biographies teach/ REFERENCES





Jari Iivanainen

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