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We often read or hear that some researchers doubt the historicity of events mentioned in the Bible. This is especially true about tales of the Fall, the Flood, the tower of Babel, and miracles that were described in the Gospels. These are accounts that researchers regard as unreliable. They may think them to be legends or myths, and think them unworthy of serious consideration.  

   We are going to study this difficult subject by considering many examples. This study is especially designed for people who sincerely want to study the historic accuracy of Biblical accounts.

   In the text we will introduce many archaeological discoveries that support Biblical accounts. They have many times confirmed information originally found in the Bible.


Generally, archaeological research has undoubtedly added confidence in the truth of the Bible. More than one archaeologist has noticed that his respect towards the Bible has grown with excavations carried out in Palestine (1). The archaeological evidence has, in many cases, proved the modern critics wrong. It has been proven in many cases that these views have been based on incorrect hypotheses and unreal, fictitious views. There is no reason to belittle this genuine help from archaeological resources." (2)


It is important to understand that archaeological excavations have produced a lot of evidence that clearly proves that the Bible is not filled with false information. To this day, none of the historical events of the Bible have been proven false on the basis of this evidence obtained by archaeological research. (3)




Chapter 1 - The early history of the nations

Chapter 2 - Other events and people in Genesis

Chapter 3 - Wandering in the desert

Chapter 4 - Towns and places in the Bible

Chapter 5 - People in the Old Testament

Chapter 6 - John the Baptist and Jesus

Chapter 7 - Peter and Paul  

Chapter 8 - Other people in the New Testament

Chapter 9 - Events, matters and towns in the New Testament / References







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