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In this writing, we are going to study the reliability of the Bible, especially that of the Gospels. This issue may be problematic for many people and they may lose their faith because of it. Often, many researchers who doubt the history of the Bible may say things like: "In the real world, miracles have never occurred." These statements may influence people's minds. They may say that the issues described in the Bible are unreliable.

   However, it is good to note that such statements are nothing new: They have been presented over the course of the past two hundred years. Actually, it is interesting to note that as Darwin's theory of evolution, and the theory of the Ice Age became well-known, criticism of the Bible simultaneously began to gain ground. Researchers began to spring up who questioned the writings about the life of Jesus and other Biblical events. They may have thought that if the Creation and the Flood are not true in light of these theories, we would then have no reason to believe information about Jesus. So it is certainly not by chance that all three issues were raised almost simultaneously.

   In any case, it is good for us to study this. The purpose is, especially, to help those people who want to know more about the reliability of Biblical information, and to show how reasonable it is to trust in the truth of described events. If you struggle with this issue, it is worth your while to read further.






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