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What will the future bring? Will the world be better or worse tomorrow and what will our own personal future be like?

   These are questions that certainly interest many people. This is why people read horoscopes or try other ways to find out what lies ahead of them. They are greatly interested in discovering their own future.

   However, an issue that is often neglected in our time is the kingdom of God and the coming of Jesus Christ just before it. If we read the Bible, we learn that many passages refer to the second coming of Jesus and the kingdom of God that is established after his return. The importance of this matter can be seen in that the New Testament refers to His coming 318 times, while there are only 260 chapters in the New Testament. If we take baptism which is generally regarded an important issue as an example, we find altogether only about 20 references about it.

   We are going to study this important issue below, and the events preceding it. Naturally, we cannot know the exact date and time. But it is interesting to note that many events occurring now have much in common with the last days described in the Bible, i.e., the period before the coming of Jesus. It seems like prophecies that are hundreds of years old are about to be fulfilled right in front of our eyes, and we do not even see it. Therefore, it is good for us to spend a little time getting acquainted with this topic.





CHAPTER 1 - The days of Noah and Lot

CHAPTER 2 - The days of Noah and Lot 2

CHAPTER 3 - Apostasy and delusion

CHAPTER 4 - The gospel as a witness

CHAPTER 5 - What will the future bring?

CHAPTER 6 - Israel in prophecy

CHAPTER 7 - The recovery of Roman power

CHAPTER 8 - The Antichrist

CHAPTER 9 - Battle for the land and the city

CHAPTER 10 - When is the rapture?

CHAPTER 11 - The coming kingdom / References, Sources









Jari Iivanainen

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