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Long writings


How old is it?

Signs in space
Man’s appearance on the Earth
Why the radioactive measurements are unreliable?
Signs on the Earth
The geological time chart is wrong
The strata have formed quickly
Why the index fossil method is wrong?
Evolution or ecological compartments?


How did everything begin?

The beginning of the universe
Was there a Big Bang?
The birth of galaxies and stars
The birth of the solar system and Earth
The birth of life

Is evolution theory true?

Do fossils prove evolution?
The most convincing evidence supporting the theory of evolution
The most important factors of evolution
Gaps in the theory of evolution

The Bible and history

The early history of the nations
Other events and people in Genesis
Wandering in the desert
Towns and places in the Bible
People in the Old Testament
John the Baptist and Jesus
Peter and Paul
Other people in the New Testament
Events, issues, and towns in the New Testament


The Flood

Evidence of the Flood
The birth of carbon and oil
The devastation of dinosaurs


Has there been an ice age?

What causes an ice age?
The evidence points to a warm climate, not a cold one
An ice age or the Flood?

Can we trust criticism against the Bible?

The Gospels at test
"The disciples wrote it"
Has the Bible's text remained unchanged?
The dating of the Gospels
Way of guessing
The current books of the New Testament


Rewriting history
Denying creation
Denying the Flood
”The era of dinosaurs", or the concept of millions of years
How long have humans been on Earth?
How were things in the past? Antiques, the Middle Ages, Enlightenment
Jesus and the rewritten history

Is Christianity telling the truth?

The beginning of everything refers to the Creator
The seven-day week and the common tradition of the peoples
Sexuality and its birth; coincidence or creative work?
The Fall of man and original sin
The Flood
The age of mankind
Confusion of languages and the Tower of Babel
Jews and the reliability of the Bible


Six major lies

1."God doesn’t exist"
2. "There is no intelligent design"
3. "All species descent from the same stem cell"
4. "Millions and billions of years are true"
5. "The Bible isn’t historically reliable"
6. "Nothing can be known about God"

Why grace is rejected?

“I am scientific”
The faults of the church
Evil in the world
What is God like?
What is love?
Why is there damnation?


Scientific view of the world

Science or faith and philosophy?
Scientific worldview and having confidence in one’s own reasoning
Is naturalism science?
Preconceptions guide scientists
To which worldview the facts fit; naturalism or theism?


World of science under microscope

Naturalism in review
Prohibiting intelligent design is foolish
The scientific revolution did not begin by secularists
Galileo Galilei and solar centrality
What were the accomplishments of Darwin?
Can time make everything possible?


I used to be a science believer

How is scientism manifested?
Naturalism isn't science
Rewriting history in the field of science
Science belief and moral


Worldviews in comparison

Faith and worldviews
All worldviews cannot simultaneously be true
Absolute truths and claims and the teaching of respect
Worldviews in comparison: naturalism, pantheism, polytheism, theism
God belief throughout times and in children
Different forms of theism in review
What comes after death? Three general views


Satan's worshipping

Why people are driven into Satan worshipping?
Mentions of devil
Called to be free


Do we reincarnate again and again?
Examining reincarnation
Reincarnation or eternal life?

What is the power affecting you?

Qualities of the wrong anointing
What about trance preachers?
Where have the gifts come from?
Becoming free


Find assurance of salvation

Which issues are connected with legalism?
How do we enter into an understanding of righteousness through faith in God and with the grace of God?
What is behind legalism?
What is the result of understanding righteousness through faith and grace of God?


Are you a foolish virgin?

The life of the convert and his condition before God
On what do the converts base their hope?
View on salvation
"You cannot be sure of salvation"
"Turning to God and being saved takes a long time"
The wrong kind of conversion and a wrong assurance
You can be born again!


Jesus and the catholics

The status of Mary
Mass and Holy Communion
Papacy and priesthood
How can we be saved?



Water baptism

Can water baptism save us?
What about baptizing children?
How is baptism done?
When is water baptism done?


Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Is the baptism of the Holy Spirit necessary?
When can we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
Receiving the gift

Be renewed in prayer!

Lacking understanding of righteousness
Wrong kind of teaching
Start to pray!
You can also fast!
Prayer and revival


Points worthy of consideration
The causes of illnesses
Healing comes from God
Is it the will of God to heal?
Receiving healing



Be freed from your past!

How have you been treated?
How can the past affect you?
Stop accusing others!
Stop accusing yourself!
What is the truth of you in Christ?
Freedom in Christ



Do I need to fix my foundation?
What happened at the cross?
The law of the spirit which gives life
About change


Mental health and belief

Is Christian belief detrimental?
Worldly therapies and Christian soul care
Influence of evil spirits
Special groups

The question of guidance

Different sides to guidance
The prophecies
Test all voices and messages!
Don't be passive!
No guiding spirits!
The wrong sources
The biographies teach


False spirits: Teachings
False spirits: Guidance
False spirits and experiences



Church leaders and God

Denying creation
Denying the significance of Jesus
Denying God’s personality and judgment
Rejecting God’s will
Close to Hinduism


Misled priests

Scientific or false worldview?
“Scientific Bible research”
Origin of man and the Fall
Perception of sin
Denying the meaning of Jesus
Misleading priests


Weaknesses of the church

Weaknesses of the Church
Personal relationships
Equipping others


1. Preaching
2. Workers in the congregation
3. Rest and nourishment


Bases of unity
What is making unity dysfunctional?
The lack of after-care


Marriage advice

Marriage means compromise
Conflicts in the relationship
Order in the family
Sex life in marriage

Help in raising children

Show approval!
If there are behavior problems
Children’s relationship with God

The Last Days

The days of Noah and Lot

The days of Noah and Lot 2

Apostasy and delusion

The gospel as a witness

What will the future bring?

Israel in prophecy

The recovery of Roman power

The Antichrist

Battle for the land and the city

When is the rapture?

The coming kingdom / References, Sources


Islam and Jesus

Is the Bible been in its original form or has it been changed?

Did Jesus die on cross? 

"You serve three gods"

Have there been any prophesies about Muhammad?


How can you receive the forgiveness of sins? / References / Sources

The Messiah, prophesies and the Talmud

The time of the coming of the Messiah
A prophet like Moses
The life of the Messiah in prophecies
One or two comings - the suffering of the Messiah
The message of the patterns and fulfillment
The nations search for the Messiah
The divinity of the Messiah
What is God like?
Access to God

Jehovah's witnesses

The divinity of Jesus
Teaching about the Holy Spirit and the Trinity
The resurrection of Jesus
The coming of Jesus
What is there after this life?
Resurrection – what is it like?
144,000 anointed ones
The Great Multitude – can it enter heaven?
Is the Watchtower society the channel of God?


The book of Mormon
The Pearl of Great Price
The priesthood of Aaron and Melchizedek
Heavenly marriage
Baptism for the dead
The connection with Freemasonry
The view on God
Was Joseph Smith a prophet of God?


God's peace to you!

As you will notice, my home page contains my writings from many different areas. In these writings I have tried to bring into view issues which according to my understanding and comprehension of God's word, I consider important. I cannot say that I am totally satisfied with all my writings, but at least I have tried my best. In addition, many of the texts are the result of extensive research and prayer over many years - so much time and work has gone into them. In fact, most of my free time during the last years has been devoted to these writings.

However, my main purpose has been that people could be saved and helped. My aim has been that people could turn to Christ and be saved, developing a safe and trustful relationship with God. I hope, that I have succeeded even a little.

What comes to the level of the writings, don't let it confuse you! I have also pained myself with the fact that many of the issues brought up could have been written in a much nicer and pleasing way, but unfortunately this is the best I have been able to do. However, I do hope that you can disregard these pitfalls and concentrate on the main message which I have tried to put forward. Above all, I hope that God will bless you with the gift of eternal life.


Jari Iivanainen