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We are going to study the topic of healing, which is an important and interesting issue. We will try to find out what the Bible says about it and whether we can personally experience it today, also. Since in the times of the Apostles and Jesus, healing of the body was common and it was generally expected as an answer to prayers, it would be nice if we could experience the same today. God, who healed people then, has certainly not changed in any way, and that is why also today it is worthwhile to expect His assistance in this issue.

   However, before receiving healing, we are going to study the backgrounds of diseases and what issues should generally be taken into account when seeking assistance in healing. It is important to resolve these issues, because they can affect the experiencing of healing.





CHAPTER 1 - Points worthy of consideration

CHAPTER 2 - The causes of illnesses

CHAPTER 3 - Healing comes from God

CHAPTER 4 - Is it the will of God to heal?

CHAPTER 5 - Receiving healing

CHAPTER 6 A - Food and health
CHAPTER 6 B - Three poisons

CHAPTER 6 C - Treatment of most ordinary diseases and diet
CHAPTER 6 D - High blood pressure
CHAPTER 6 E - Diabetes
CHAPTER 6 F - Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, Gallstones, Stokes, Gangrene, and many eye diseases

CHAPTER 6 G - Constipation
CHAPTER 6 H - Cancer
CHAPTER 6 I - Osteporosis
CHAPTER 6 J - Infections and pain
CHAPTER 6 K - Asthma

CHAPTER 6 L - Reasons behind diseases
CHAPTER 6 M - Exercise
CHAPTER 6 N - Effect of food on our mood








Jari Iivanainen

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