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Many people have a spirit of heaviness (Isa 61:3) resulting from earlier experiences. Inside, they carry memories of events that occurred years ago and they have not been able to forget them. These might be related to sexual abuse, emotional rejection or physical violence; perhaps their parents did not want them, or they suffered some other traumatic injuries. These memories can still weigh very heavily inside a person and affect his or her present life.

   However, we should not allow ourselves to be prisoners of our past. If we receive Jesus Christ into our life, our inheritance comes from Him, not from our past; we are saved from our past by Jesus' redemption.

   There are mainly two ways in which we can obtain freedom. Firstly, we play our own part: we give up our bitterness and stop our accusations so that we can forgive those who sinned against us. Secondly, we come to understand our place and identity in Christ. If we understand the place we have in Christ, and in this truth, then we will experience freedom from our past.

  We will discuss these matters and the steps that we must take in order to be free from our past.






Chapter 1 - How have you been treated?

Chapter 2 - How can the past affect you?

Chapter 3 - Give up accusations towards others!

Chapter 4 - Give up self-accusations as well!

Chapter 5 - What is the truth of you in Christ?

Chapter 6 - Freedom in Christ /References





Jari Iivanainen

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