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Learn how science has gone astray and what impact it has on the development of society

From which one can deduce whether man is truly saved and living in faith? Read about this most important thing!

Are any man saved, all people, or only a few people, and in what ways are they saved? Read more about this most important topic

Read how human rights are gradually disappearing from the Western countries and how we are moving towards a totalitarian society

Communists, Nazis and modern value liberals. The worldview and goals of modern value liberals are very similar to those of the early communists and Nazis

A letter to a politician on how the Christian faith has affected and is affecting society


Brief history of the earth and life

When did the Dinosaurs Live? Learn why dinosaurs lived in the recent past, at the same time as humans. Millions of years are easy to question in light of the evidence

How does the eye see? - Do we see things as they are or as they were? We are told that we see from space and stars only past, not the present. However, this view is easy to question

Fictional History - Why millions of years are not true? Scientists are ignorant of the early stages of the universe and life, as well as their age. There are good reasons why millions and billions of years are fables

Is the Earth old or young? Is the earth and life billions of years old or not? Learn how the evidence does not support atheistic birth theories or long periods of time

Slowly or quickly? Nature programs often tell about processes over millions of years. However, several facts are against millions of years

How old is it, that is, the age of the earth and life on earth? Dozens of facts point to millions of years as lies



Creation or evolution?


Learn how science has gone astray and what impact it has on the development of society

Darwin in the media. The theory of evolution with its millions of years is considered true in the media, although there is constant evidence that refutes this theory.

Imaginary perceptions. People have the impression that science has proved the birth of the universe and life by itself, as well as the doctrine of evolution. However, these images are based on a lie

Looking into creation. Creation or the birth of the universe and life by itself and the idea of ​​evolution? Which view is true? The evidence clearly points to creation

Theistic evolution under inspection. Theistic evolution contradicts the Bible. In addition, practical evidence refutes the notion of theistic evolution

Conditions for life Ė coincidence? Fine-tuning in the universe and on earth clearly refers to Godís work of creation. Life is not born by chance

Questions about science. If we reject Godís work of creation and accept the theory of evolution with its millions of years, questions will arise to which it is impossible to give sensible answers

Why has there not been an evolution of man? Did man evolve from ape-like primitives or was he created? Learn how evolutionists íown discoveries refute the notion of human evolution

How did everything begin? We are repeatedly told about the Big Bang and the birth of celestial bodies and life itself. Read how deadlocked these views are

Is the theory of evolution true? Examples in evolution always refer to variation within basic species and adaptation to conditions. The theory of stem cell to human is nonsense

Faith and science. What is science and what is faith?




Biblical history


The Bible and history. There is tremendous evidence for biblical events and the historicity of individuals - including Jesus. Check out this evidence

The early stages of mankind. The first 11 chapters of the Bible are real history. This includes creation, the Fall, the Flood, and the mixing of languages. Read here

The Flood. There is ample evidence for the historical nature of the Flood in nature and in human tradition. Read how much evidence there is

Has there been an ice age? Ice age or ice ages. Read how there is no sensible theory for the origin of ice ages, and how signs in nature refer to the Flood, not ice ages

Can we trust in Criticism of the Bible? Bible criticism and liberal theology are contemporary phenomena. However, critics have a naturalistic preconception that is not based on science and facts

"The Bible isnít historically reliable"

Josephus' book War of the Jews and biblical history. The same people and events mentioned on the pages of the Bible also appear in other sources. Read what the historian Josephus has written

Apocrypha of the Old Testament and the history of the Bible. The same persons and events mentioned on the pages of the Bible also appear in other sources, such as the Old Testament apocryphal books. Read more here

Evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. The only logical conclusion is to hold the resurrection of Jesus true. The birth of the early church and the early success of the Christian faith require it

Rewriting history, that is, turning to fables. Changing the historiography afterwards is common. It relates in particular to the denial of biblical history and its replacement by fables

Is the Christian faith true? Observations in nature, historical sources, archeology, and prophecies in the Jews suggest the reliability of the Christian faith and the Bible

Whose words? The Bible, the word of God or man? Read how the authority of the Bible rises from Jesus. Through him one can understand the unique meaning of the Bible


Defending faith


Six major lies. Six arguments that appear in the literature of God-rejecting people. Read why they are not worth believing in and why they are based on a lie

A letter to freethinkers. A personal letter to freethinkers, that is, a discussion of freethinkers' worldview and action against God

Free thinking under analysis. Free thinkers consider themselves sensible in denying God. Does the arguments of free thinkers make sense or not? Read on and find out!

An open letter to Skepsis ry. The scientific or unscientific nature of the Skepsis Association? Learn how representatives of Skepsis are not scientific, though they may think so

Proof that God exists. Evidence of the existence of God. Read how nature, the perception of right and wrong, and numerous other factors refer to the existence of the Creator, or God

Dawkins and the God Delusion. Richard Dawkins is known for his anti-Godliness, as evidenced by the Book The God Delusion. Read whether Dawkins íarguments make sense or not

Christian faith and prejudice. People have a variety of objections to the Christian faith and to God. Read if these objections and prejudices make sense

Why grace is rejected? The most common reasons and objections that cause people to turn their backs on God and salvation. Read why they are bad excuses

Probability calculations. How likely (0-100%) are biblical teachings such as, doom, judgment, and Jesus íself-claims true?

People who reject God. Today, people in the West reject God because they do not believe in creation or disagree on moral issues.





Scientific view of the world. Atheists often claim to have a scientific worldview. However, this worldview is based on faith and contradicts the evidence

The world of science under microscope. Although the evidence refutes the theory of evolution and refers to intelligent design, scientists do not admit this because of their naturalistic worldview.

I used to be a science believer. Scholars think their positions represent science, reason, and critical thinking. However, they resort to faith in explaining the origin of everything

Worldviews in comparison: naturalism / atheism, pantheism, polytheism and theism. Read why Christian theism is a sensible worldview

Magic word. A fundamentalist is a magic word that many use to reject God. They think they are scientific, even if based on faith

Shortcomings of atheism. Is atheism a sensible worldview or not? Read why it is difficult to explain the existence of rationality and morality on the basis of atheism

Is communication based on facts or imagination? Learn how journalists and the rest of us are being deceived in the field of science and morality

The media often denies Godís position as a creator and attacks Christian morality. Are the arguments put forward sense or not? Read on





"There is no God"

"There is no intelligent design"

"Nothing can be known about God"

Proof that God exists. Evidence of the existence of God. Read how nature, the perception of right and wrong, and numerous other factors refer to the existence of the Creator, or God

Hundreds of Bible verses refer to the deity and eternal existence of Jesus. It is reasonable to believe that he is the Son of God, came from heaven, and God

Is God good or bad? Is God good and just or not? Many do not realize that Jesus was and is the perfect image of a heavenly God

Imaginary god. Many have a god that is the product of their own mind; a god to whom all ways are equal and who does not judge anyone for his deeds

Creator, Judge, Savior. God is the Creator, Judge, and Savior. Creation can be inferred logically, and our conscience refers to judgment. In addition, the revelation of the Bible tells of the Savior

Jesus only-doctrine. Read why this so-called. the doctrine of oneness, which denies the trinity of God, cannot be true in the light of the Bible



New Age and orientals religions


Satan worshippping. Satan worship, Satanism, the Black Bible, and black metal music fascinate many, but are part of a widespread deception and lie toward people.

Is reincarnation true? Reincarnation and soul migration. Read why it doesnít make sense to believe in reincarnation

What is God like? Read why it is not worth believing in the Hindu and pantheistic (divinity of everything) conception of God

Are there many ways to God? Hinduism and the New Age movement, the notion that all roads lead to the same God. Why is there no reason to believe this notion?

What are UFOs? Read why there is no reason to believe that UFOs are spacecraft from alien planets or space, but that they are deceptive spirits

Spiritualism. Psychics, channeling, ghost phenomena, automatic writing. Read why it is not worth believing that the forces behind these phenomena are good, but that it is a case of deception

Horoscopes. Horoscopes, Zodiac signs, astrology. Why not believe the astrological view that zodiac stars affect our destiny?

Which power influences you? It is possible that man thinks he is acting in the power of God, but he is not. What are the characteristics of such lubrication from the wrong source?

Alternative medicine. What power is behind the different therapies like spiritual healing, energy healing, Reiki and acupuncture? Are they neutral forces or false spirits?

Mother Amma and God. Karma or grace? Why can't Mother Amma forgive sins? Only a true and loving God can do that

Wicca and witchcraft. What do the Wicca cult consist of and what power influences behind it? Wicca members and witches do not consider the possibility of fraud



After death


Near-death experiences and damnation. Near-death experiences and leaving the body. What is behind the border and is everyone's destiny good after death? Learn why hell needs to be taken seriously

The judgment is coming. One hundred people out of a hundred die and a thousand out of a thousand, so judgment and life after death must be taken into account

Who will get to heaven? Will everyone get to heaven, will good people get there, or on what basis do they get to heaven?  Read more to get to heaven

Heaven or hell? To which place are you going?

What comes after death? Three general views



A call to salvation


You can be saved! Steps to salvation and eternal life. Donít reject salvation, but turn to Jesus and let yourself be saved!

Letter to Mr. X. People have many excuses why they reject God and grace

Do not go to hell! Damnation, hell, eternity, life after death, and the salvation of the soul. Take it seriously so you donít lose your soul

Call. Learn how a personís guilt, perception of right and wrong, and the judiciary refer to Godís judgment. Do not refuse the call to salvation

The best gift; access to heaven and eternal life



Salvation and assurance of salvation


Find the assurance of salvation! Assurance of salvation; why is it missing and how to get it? If someone stares at himself and his own deeds, and not at Jesus, he never gets assurance

The gap has been removed! The gap between God and man has been closed because Jesus fulfilled all the law and commandments. However, if someone rejects Jesus, he will pay for his own sins





From which one can deduce whether man is truly saved and living in faith? Read about this most important thing!

Theoretical belief. Many have faith in God, having outward forms of Christianity, and some are even church workers, but they still do not know the matter of salvation.

Are you a foolish virgin? It is possible to be a member of the church and attend church, but still be a foolish virgin, or unsaved person. What are the characteristics of such religiosity?

Religiousness or faith? What is the difference between religiosity and saving faith in Jesus and God? They are not the same thing

About salvation. How do Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses understand salvation, and how their teaching differs from traditional Christian and biblical teaching?

Jesus and the Catholics. Mary, the merits of the saints, the works of atonement, and the sacraments have supplanted Jesus in the Catholic Church. Therefore, most lack salvation and certainty



Teachings on basic issues


Water baptism. Read why baptism cannot save anyone without turning to God. And when should baptism be performed and in what form? You can read more here

Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The baptism and fullness of the Holy Spirit is necessary for spiritual work. What does the Bible say about it, and how is this important gift received?

Be renewed in prayer! Prayer is the key to revival. All great revivals have come forth through enduring prayer. Read about this important topic and start praying

Healing. Healings were common during the time of Jesus and the apostles. However, God was the same then as now, so we can expect the same in modern times

The Ten Commandments under analysis. The Ten Commandments are a good foundation for conduct. By following them, crime and most of the problems will remove from society



Change and freeding


Sin, temptation, and sanctification. What is their relationship to each other? Everyone can fall, but the great danger is hardness and acceptance of sin

Be freed from your past! Heavy experiences and memories of the past guide peopleís lives and self-image. Read how you can get rid of the burdens of the past

The Truth shall make you you free. Understanding the truth is a key factor in a relationship with God. When a person understands the truth about his position in Christ, it brings freedom into his life

Deliverance from bondage. When a person is saved, he is not always released from all bonds. Satan may still disturb him, and he may lack the peace promised by Jesus

Will there be any change? There is or there should be a constant change in a Christian after his salvation. This writing addresses this topic

Mental health and belief. Christian faith, when one understands Godís love and grace for oneself, has a positive effect on mental health





The question of guidance. How can a false guidance be distinguished from a right one, that is, how does God lead and in what way do false spirits mislead?

Slips. How can one identify whether a teaching, guidance or experience is of God or a lying spirit? Missteps should be avoided

How to find a suitable spouse? How to find a suitable spouse and partner? What things to consider when looking for a spouse?





Many reject God and believe in Him when they disappoint people. Read why such an attitude doesnít make sense 

Church leaders and God; that is, how many priests and bishops have drifted beyond the Christian faith

Misled priests; that is, how modern priests have created their own religion based on the basic assumptions of atheism

Deception number one. Separation of spirits or spiritual blindness? Learn how all believers may err in their judgments, even though they may consider themselves observant

Weaknesses of the church. The church has many weaknesses, such as a small prayer, a small commitment to human relationships, or a lack of desire to advance the gospel.

ABC of missionary work. Eternity, hell, and heaven still exist. The goal of missionary work should be for people to be saved and to come in contact with God

How to react to different phenomena? Are the phenomena in the church of the Holy Spirit, of man himself, or of the devil? Internal change is one criterion

Preaching and the workers. Proclamation in the church; what does it contain and do people understand the gospel? The nature of the employee is also important for the job

Women and spiritual work. What is the role of women in spiritual work and in the church? What does the Bible say about the subject and the shepherd of the church?

Fellowship in church. Spiritual connection; on what should it be based and on what not? Mental blindness is one of the reasons why the connection does not work

Gifts studied. Spiritual gifts, or gifts of grace should be sought so that people get help. If a person does not feel his own weakness, he can be proud of the use of gifts

Modern priests want to appear tolerant and progressive, but at the same time they give their support to injustice 

Disbelieving theologian


Ordinary life


Assistance in marriage. There can be many kinds of problems in a husband and wifeís marriage and relationship. This writing presents solutions to improve the relationship

Divorce and remarriage. What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage? Why should marriage be taken seriously? How should a person who is left alone act?

Help in raising children. A variety of situations can arise in the upbringing of children. This article highlights the wrong and correct ways to act

Food and health; that is, how diet affects health





Sexuality under analysis. The origin of sexuality; From God or the result of evolution? Improper sexual behavior leads to suffering

Porn and sex. Porn, Nudity, dogging, sex, prostitution, nudity - why do people drift into them?

Sex addiction. Sex addiction, pornography and masturbation bind the lives of many

Satisfaction. Planning for the future without regard for God and eternity is madness




Gender neutrality, homosexuality


Gender-neutral marriage and children, ie how children's human rights are trampled on when they are denied the right to their biological parents - using as a reason human rights and equality of adults

Sexuality, love, equality. Sexuality, love and equality - is all sexual behavior right?

Read how the false teaching about sexuality that the Sexpo Foundation promotes increases the suffering of children in particular. 

Homosexuality and being freed from it. What causes homosexuality, its underlying factors and can one get rid of it?

Homosexuality, church and society. Today, homosexuality is not considered a sin and a lust. It is justified in the name of love and equality. Development in society affects also churches

Letter to the representatives of Seta -organization, that is, how society has changed its attitude toward homosexuality, as predicted in the prophecies

Letters to the editor; i.e., a discussion of rainbow consecrations in churches



Ethical issues


Read how human rights are gradually disappearing from the Western countries and how we are moving towards a totalitarian society

Communists, Nazis and modern value liberals. The worldview and goals of modern value liberals are very similar to those of the early communists and Nazis

Justice or the defense of injustice? Read how  people defend injustice, one's own selfish lifestyle and increase children's suffering in the name of equality and human rights

About Abortion. Learn why abortion is wrong and a murder. It is not about a womanís right to decide on her body but about killing a child in the womb

Euthanasia and the signs of the times. Learn what euthanasia means, what things have been used to justify it, and where accepting it leads

What does the Bible say about hate speech? Hate speech is a modern phenomenon. But what is hate speech and what is not, and what does the Bible say about it? Human behavior is predicted in the Bible

Ethical questions under analysis. Learn how abandoning the Christian faith leads to a loss of dignity. It is a return to time before the birth of the Christian faith



Society; worldviews


School education and freethinkers's beliefs. Free thinkers have a naturalistic faith with which they want to replace the Christian faith as well as faith in God in schools and society

Read how the Bible and the Christian faith have affected literacy, health care, and other positive ways. Many are blind to this fact

Christian faith and human rights. Read how the Christian faith has improved human rights and conditions of people 

Many reject the Christian faith in society, but other options are worse in both moral and economic terms

The evil spirit world influenced in the background of Nazism and World War II. The same thing emerges in the background of todayís societies

Towards evil. Nazism did not suddenly arise out of nowhere, but development moved in the same direction for more than a century. The same development is possible today

Does politics lead to well-being or disorder? The lessons of history are worth noting that the same mistakes are not repeated

Changes in society. Societyís morals and peopleís worldviews are constantly changing. What is the position of the Christian faith in the midst of everything

Statistics show an increase in child nausea all the time. The reason is the selfishness of adults in the area of sexuality and the changed morality of society



Society; economic


A letter to a politician on how the Christian faith has affected and is affecting society

Can economic recession be avoided? What things do you need to pay attention to if you want to prevent the recession from coming or how to avoid the worst consequences of the recession? Read here

How can economic collapses be prevented and addressed? Read on for measures to prevent the worst from happening

Can famine and poverty be eliminated? Hunger and poverty plague millions of people. Read about measures to fight hunger and poverty and help people

Impact of the Bible on economy. Wrong lifestyles increase society's unnecessary costs by millions of euros, but adherence to biblical principles reduces them

Finances and the Bible. What does the Bible say about the economy? Dozens of Bible passages relate to this important topic



The future


The Last days. Bible prophecy refers to the last days as well as the coming of Jesus. Read how these prophecies are currently being fulfilled

There is a lot of talk these days about tolerance, but is it just a question that the line between right and wrong has been shifted all the time?

When is the rapture? What is the time of the rapture?

The sins, judgment and future of society. The generation of Noah and the city of Sodom experienced judgment because of their continuing wickedness. Is the same possible in modern times?





Islam and Jesus. Muslims íobjections to the Christian faith, such as the reliability of the Bible, the deity of Jesus, and the death of the cross. Why are Muslims wrong?

Muslims believe in the reliability of the Koran, but there have been several versions of the Koran, a few passages have changed, and it contradicts the Bible

Muhammadís revelations and life. From what source were the revelations Muhammad received? Were they from God or not? Why canít the fruit of Muhammadís life be considered good?

Read how there are numerous remnants of pre-Islamic idolatry in the modern Islam. Most of them are connected with the pilgrimage to Mecca

Christ in Islam. Jesus Christ in the Qur'an and in Islam. The high position and deity of Jesus is revealed in numerous passages in the Qurían

The Messiah, the prophesies and the Talmud; that is, how the Messiah is referred to, in addition to the Old testament, in old Jewish rabbinic commentaries such as the Talmud

Jehovah's Witnesses in the Light of the Bible. How do Jehovah's Witnesses believe, and how do the Watchtower teachings differ from the Bible? Especially the denial of the deity of Jesus is characteristic of them

Mormonism. Mormons believe Joseph Smith was a prophet and consider the Book of Mormon to be a sacred book, but how do their teachings differ from the Bible?



The battle for the holy land - Israel in focus. The dispute over Israel and Jerusalem is a long-standing topic of communication, but what is the background of the Palestinians and what is the real history?

Is Israel an apartheid state and what is the status of the Palestinians? Has the life of the Palestinians been better under their own leaders?

A letter to the editor of the magazine Rauhan puolesta - on the subject of rewriting history in the Middle East

Settlements and the so-called Israeli occupation policy. Is Israel occupying a Palestinian state as has been claimed, or is it a lie?

Israeli friendship - is it a good thing or a bad thing? Anti-Semitism in history and opposition to Israel in modern times are twins of each other





Route search. The best, most direct, and only route to heaven is through Jesus. There is no other way to get there

Betting, odds, probability of winning. Many play gambling games where the probability of winning is low. However, they take a risk when they donít invest in eternal life





God's peace to you!

As you will notice, my home page contains my writings from many different areas. In these writings I have tried to bring into view issues which according to my understanding and comprehension of God's word, I consider important. I cannot say that I am totally satisfied with all my writings, but at least I have tried my best. In addition, many of the texts are the result of extensive research and prayer over many years - so much time and work has gone into them. In fact, most of my free time during the last years has been devoted to these writings.

However, my main purpose has been that people could be saved and helped. My aim has been that people could turn to Christ and be saved, developing a safe and trustful relationship with God. I hope, that I have succeeded even a little.

What comes to the level of the writings, don't let it confuse you! I have also pained myself with the fact that many of the issues brought up could have been written in a much nicer and pleasing way, but unfortunately this is the best I have been able to do. However, I do hope that you can disregard these pitfalls and concentrate on the main message which I have tried to put forward. Above all, I hope that God will bless you with the gift of eternal life.


Jari Iivanainen